What to do with that quarantine can of tuna

We never ended up making mayonnaise last month, so Jason’s dream of tuna salad did not come to fruition. A big part of the reason for that is tuna salad was our only motivation for making mayonnaise and it turns out our preferred brand of pickles has sugar in it, so we wouldn’t really have been able to make it the way we liked anyway. As someone who has just reintroduced sugar into my diet I think it is safe to say there is sugar in just about everything! I had thought I would only be having sugar in the form of wine and cranberry juice, but we decided on a gluten free teriyaki marinade for our steak Sunday night which was of course loaded with sugar. Fortunately it has not seemed to have any effect on my digestion, but I’m going to try to keep it to a bare minimum for the long haul anyway.

Teriyaki flank steak with grilled asparagus and green salad

But as it turns out, there is no slow reintroduction on alternate oils when you exit the Whole 30, so we are free to return to our store bought mayo. Tuna salad here we come! It’s great as a salad topping and of course as a sandwich for those of us (Jason) who are eating bread. If you are still on a homemade sourdough bread kick so much the better.

Tuna salad on toasted sourdough bread

There isn’t much to this tuna salad but it truly is the best. I highly recommend the Claussen dill pickles and Best Foods mayonnaise as they are key parts of the flavor. The pickles may have a little sugar but they are crisp, providing a little bit of crunch to your tuna salad. It’s also important to make sure you get solid albacore tuna packed in water (not oil).

Hopefully that can of tuna hiding in your pantry is solid white albacore, I do think it makes a difference

You’ll need to drain the tuna well and flake the fish with a fork so everything mixes together nicely. I also try to dice my pickles and green onion pretty fine. It makes for a more cohesive flavor with everything blending together as opposed to big chunks of pickle standing out. Next add your mayo a spoonful at a time and mix well, it will keep you from adding too much mayo if you mix as you go.

This really isn’t much of a recipe, I think we call those no recipe recipes! But I will say that over the years I have had many roommates who loved my tuna salad, it was one of those things that was not safe in the fridge. Try it for yourself and see. And even though it isn’t much of a recipe I had been missing writing to you all so I thought I would share it.

I’ll be back Friday with a sweet treat for Valentine’s Day!

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