Taco Tuesday

Carne Asada Tacos

Did you know it was Tuesday today? Time has slowed way down for most of us, and even the days of the week are starting to get a little bit blurred. I know my husband and I have been sleeping in later, eating dinner later, and staying up a lot later. A viscous cycle that if we do not correct soon will lead to a very rude awakening when this lock down is over and we need to be up and out the door early again.

But for us Tuesday is actually one of the anchor days of the week. My son’s Scout troop is continuing to meet Tuesday evenings via Zoom, which is good because aside from the social aspect, which we all need, he is quickly approaching his 18th birthday and needs the opportunity to work on those last few badges that will get him is Eagle rank. And tonight, my book club will also be meeting via Zoom. So, with several of us needing to be online this evening it is a good night for tacos!

Tacos are also one of the perfect foods to have left over for easy lunches at home. You can morph the ingredients into a quesadilla, or jazz up some scrambled eggs for a mid morning breakfast burrito brunch. Whatever you do with them, you will certainly be glad to have a little extra.

We have often gotten pre-marinated carne asada from our local Mexican market, but as multiple grocery stops are a no-no these days, we got everything at Petaluma Market including the meat. At the recommendation of the butcher I chose skirt steak, which is a lot pricier than the arrachera I usually get at Lolita’s. It is also not as thin of a cut, so we seasoned it a bit longer by marinating the steak before we stuck it in the freezer. This is a handy trick with a lot of cuts of meat, the meat will slowly marinate as it freezes and thaws and be perfectly seasoned when you throw it on the grill.

Not knowing exactly what the butchers at Lolita’s do as far as their marinade, I took to my favorite recipe website Food 52 to decide what to do with ours. I decided on a riff of Waverly’s Carne Asada con Rajas, which someday I will try in it’s entirety. But as I made the decision to make tacos on the fly while I was shopping I did not have everything for that recipe. I did, however, have most of the marinade ingredients! I used regular oregano in place of the Mexican oregano and added some red chili flakes, because we like our tacos spicy around here.

Another benefit for tacos at this time is that they toggle back and forth between a light meal and a feast. When I was at the store and decided to add tacos to the menu I got rice, beans, all the trimmings. But with our late lunches these days and the necessity of an early dinner tonight, it was easy enough to back off and just make the tacos. The rice and beans will keep perfectly well in the pantry for next weeks chicken tacos.

You can look forward to that recipe next week!

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