My Big Hairy Audacious Goal for 2022

Let me begin by saying I can in no way take credit for this phrase. That honor belongs to Sarah Crawford, creator of Foodtography School, whose advice on food photography is awesome and I am in the baby steps phase of actually following! She sent out an email on January 4th encouraging us to think big this year, and I for one am in the mood for some positive change.

Our New Years fridge Scrabble game, my family let me get by with the BHAG acronym which any avid Scrabble player will know is not usually allowed!

Which is why I have set my sights on what might at first seem an impossible goal: to be in the best shape of my life spiritually, physically, mentally, and financially when my 50th birthday comes around on September 28th. Can we first talk about that number? 50?!!! How in the heck did that happen? Well it hasn’t happened yet, but with any luck it will and there is nothing I can do about it. What I do have control over is how I approach it, so I’m getting ahead of the game and have decided to use it as the catalyst to make myself over inside and out. You may be asking where do a food blog and that particular BHAG intersect? Allow me to elaborate, but they mainly come together in points 2 and 4.

My physical self is greatly influenced by what I eat, so you can expect this year to have a lot more healthy recipes throughout. I am not doing a Whole 30 this January, but many of the Whole 30 principals have become things that are everyday necessities for me. After a lot of trial and error I have discovered that I can not comfortably consume wheat, which is a big loss for a baker. Please do not worry that there will be no more great baking recipes on here! My sons love my homemade rolls, and Thanksgiving would not be complete without them. I will continue to bake with regular flour for those I love and can thankfully get by with a bite or two every now and then, it just can’t be part of the regular rotation for me personally. So while I will continue to showcase family favorites containing wheat, I’m also excited to try alternative flours and hope to bring you some winning gluten free recipes in the near future.

I am also going to approach this blog with the eventual goal of turning it into an actual income source, hence the financial connection. You are hopefully already aware that is the case at a pretty minor level. I have been an Amazon associate for years and regularly publish links to products that I love and use and would be helpful in a particular recipe. I am also a Brand Partner with Young Living essential oils and will occasionally be sharing their products when they intersect with the kitchen. Please rest assured that I would never recommend to you something I do not love and trust 100% as well as use in my own home. Please also know that although I do make a commission on both the Amazon links and Young Living products there is never an additional cost to you when using those links.

I know many (if not most) of us are ready to embrace some positive change in 2022, and just like Sarah did for me on January 4th I want to encourage you to THINK BIG this year. Even if we don’t hit the mark exactly just think of how much further we will go if we reach for the stars! I wish you all a very happy and healthy New Year.

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