Meyer Lemon Mania!

Meyer lemon slicesThis is a little off topic for a baking blog, but at my book group last week we were talking about the abundance of Meyer lemons many of us were having right now, and I wanted to share this fantastic recipe for Meyer Lemon Confit with both my book group gals and my readers. I found it last January in the San Francisco Chronicle, and their SF Gate Website has the recipe posted, so I can share it with you all HERE.

I made the confit as part of their recipe for Pasta With Kale & Lemon Confit, and I am including the link for that HERE. While the pasta was delicious, the confit was out of this world and so versatile. We rubbed it all over chicken before barbecuing and it was amazing! The confit just packs the kind of lemon punch that you cannot get from lemon juice alone, so if you find yourself with more Meyers than you know what to do with, give this recipe a try.

I made a batch this week and am looking forward to seasoning a roast chicken with it Sunday and tossing some linguine and grilled shrimp in lemony perfection for a quick weeknight dinner. (Ok, so I am not doing the full pasta recipe with kale this time… blame it on my kids! They are too picky and it is easier to make one dish than two.) This time I opted to pulse the roasted lemons, garlic, and olive oil in my Cusinart instead of chopping by hand. It saved time and was equally delicious.

So, when life gives you Meyer lemons, it’s time to make confit!




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